Thursday, November 02, 2006

34/ 365

Having a freezing cold frappucino in starbucks with Gemma even though we were commenting on how very cold we were at the time!

Good ideas for Mission Week.

Gemma: " "Do not fear Naomi, for Gemma is in Roots!" Said the Angel of the Lord! " Hmm, after a conversation about praying for the gift of teleportation!

Delirious? gig in Reading!
Got there in the end! (Well done Dave!) Seemed to get stopped at every traffic light even though we did pray that Gemma would be invisible, therefore not have her influence over them!!!
Kate's 'sexy' face! Might make you run a mile!!! :P

Getting back with no traffic on the roads! AND getting through a few sets of traffic lights on green!
Eating skittles in the hope that they would quench our thirst!

33/ 365

Doing a presentation with Sarah, realising how privileged a place the CU has on campus.... unique opportunity!

Seeing Hannah. Good laughs and remembering very bizarre situations! haha.........!


Actually a rather good Social Psychology lecture with good ol' Paulo! Surprising!
Nevertheless being pleased that I no longer have lectures with Paulo this term!

The funny film of houseparty that Phil made in committee meeting! Verrrry strange people are in the CU!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

31/ 365

A much needed extra hour in bed!

A mysterious love bite......! Really too tired to get words out that meant what they were meant to mean!

The tannoy in the library.... lady who possibly couldn't speak english!
Laughing uncontrollably in the library ( lots of other people.... very silent! ) with Kate and Gemma! 1st time like that in a long while!
Kate...... really no need to put your washing in the tumble dryer for 79 minutes!!! £1 is not necessary!

Good church, Mike Pusey singing yet again (but not knocking the water over!)

Doug the Dinosaur

Being proud of my spectacular blood giving / falling on tins bruises!

30/ 365

Bens' evangelism talks
Already getting excited about our Carol Service!

Walking / getting lost around Verginia Water lake...
Sam frolicking
Calling out to strangers
Naomi Cheif Mocha Chocca Late Beth Tostevin
Adam, Sam and Phil hiding from the Aston when it stopped after they had stood and clapped as it passed!!!
Phil recording on his camera...... one love water!

Getting to properly know the freshers!

Praying and prayed for
Amazed at how people notice things and how God speaks through people all the time.

Getting home after all! Ed not knowing left from right and me being am i expected to be able to read with no light and no glasses?!!

well done Kate, good one!

29/ 365

Sandwich madness with Nadia!

Getting to houseparty....
Getting there after confirming with Ed what is left and what is right! ("right Ed right!")
Nadias and mine dance..... (now bruised from landing on tins!)
Sam and little Sam & Rach teaching little Sam to read!
Brill freshers
" Isn't this called Sardines?! "

Living in response to Jesus...

28/ 365

Into town with Gem and the silly lady in H M Samuel! Well....... it does of course take 2 hours to replace a battery!

SURVIVING the horror that was the lady fiddling with a needle in my arm for 10minutes! " I'm sorry! "

Good CU, realising how God is working in it... even through a very silly ice breaker! ( Well, possibly not as silly as last weeks bananas and lemonade!)

27/ 365

Cycling home with Gemma and just beating Kate and her parents in their car back to our house

26/ 365

All of the committee making (eventually!) a 7.30 am committee meeting.

Doing my washing before I ran out of clean clothes!

Again shopping in Tesco for Sams strange housemate with Gemma!!!

25/ 365

eventually handing in the horrid lab report! yay!

relaxing for a few precious moments!