Monday, November 06, 2006

39/ 365

Not wearing my jumper in bed because I was warm :)

Very bizarre Social lecture, 'strange Fife- Schaw'

Eventually deciding to go to the Co-op with Sarah dressed in our nightwear...

Getting very odd looks! Sarah wanting to buy one single carrot- thats all! 7p. Photos. A moment of madness overcame us both...

38/ 365

Zoe shouting in her sleep! Haha!

Donkey and Woody on the stairwell!

Tea with Grandparents

Worthing sunset

Kate, Tom and Sarah having painted the hallway! Looking good!
(putting my foot in it big time but not realising it!!!)

37/ 365

Sleeping in my lit- bateau

Cycling along the sea front with actually no wind!

Playing blitz! It being funny even though my mum is a cheat!

His grin! (Strange man!)

Sitting in an arm chair!

36/ 365

My father being at my house ready to take me home!

Lovely journey home through Surrey and Sussex as though it was a summers evening!

Seeing my family! Carl and Fabien- practising a little of my French! The fireballs on chains! The mayor in my house! ' oh hello! '

35/ 365

Not having to cook for CEx and just doing pizzas!

Free week in CU, getting clear on the whole encourage, equip, evangelise thing!

Straightening Sarahs' hair! Gem and I having fun with hair!!!
......almost siamese!