Monday, November 13, 2006

45/ 365

Seeing old friends at church at home.

Walking along the beach with my sister.

My mother trying to describe the worship group for adults with learning difficulties that she helps lead! haha, I think my parents really do need help...

44/ 365

Breakfast for 7 people!

Hahaaaa! Cycling into town along the promenade on Joels road bike.....faaaar too big for me.
(only because he had taken the garage and shed keys to brighton for the day!)

Watching Die Hard 1 for the first time in absolutely ages. Loving how young eveeryone looked in it. Being VERY squashed with 4 of us trying to fit onto a 2 seater sofa when it was totally unnecessary!

43/ 365

Properly meeting Joels' Rachel

Seeing family again

Playing proper golf and not caring in the slightest that I was appauling! (blamed it on the fact that I had not played in a couple of years!) Then being a bit more embarassed that my little sister was better than me!


Midget gems in all over Zoe's bed

42/ 365

Finally finishing the analysis of Research! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally

CEx going well despite the odds of things going badly beforehand

CU going really well! :)

41/ 365

Useful and interesting lectures! yay

Cell group.... lots of laughs, lots of freshers, good times
....Scattergories...." are we not doing the letter 'B' ?!" .... " No, it's "G" ! Argh
oh, and Gemma .... there aren't any countries beginning with G are there? Hmmmm...

40/ 365

Everyone being at committee meeting by 7.45am

Afternoon with Hannah

House meal...holy tortillas

Cycling over to the hospital TWICE. Mental. Half chuckling to myself whilst doing it for the second time though...