Monday, October 23, 2006

24/ 365

Cycling to church: getting there dry before the torrents arrive!

Loooooovely lunch with lovely people in a gorgeous house! Enjoy just being with those so much older and wiser than myself. The husband getting excited, really excited about a prophesy!

Ian talking brilliantly and passionately about ... Timothy; how we need to be spiritually fit and healthy. .....& Elisha; we need the resurrection to shape our lives.

Sitting and talking with gemma and the partridges' over.....lots and lots of laughs!

Eventually getting mine and gemmas bikes back: 'Andy you're a star'!

23/ 365

Getting some work done so being able to go into town.
Getting a 'soft shell' in time not to completely freeze.

Doing work and sitting there trying not to cry with laughter as I hear Sarah in the room next door giggling away to herself watching a film!

Watching film in evening and not having to go out.

22/ 365

Finishing statistics early and so getting home early!

Teas and coffees; good conversations and consistently good number of us there; not just 'shatner' and I like the end of last year!