Friday, November 24, 2006

56/ 365

Having a helping hand to finish cooking the meal for CEx.

Finding out that I do know someone who has actually helped an old lady across the road.

Nadia's pringle ring engagement.

S,S&S singing very loudly 1) In Roots when it was meant to be closing
2) down the phone to Tom, about Tom!
3) ...about a cottage pie
4) all over campus so as to wake everyone up

55/ 365

Sarah's birthday!

Sarah talking to her parents for aggggggges, then neing very happy.

Getting excited about the thought of mashing carrot in with potato.

Birthday meal and cake!

Playing carols for the concert, argh, which week!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

54/ 365

Sarah getting excited about her birthday. tomorrow....

New bed linen.

Chair dancing.

Making Sarahs birthday cake! It begining by looking good, then looking like a world map, then turning out ever so stunningly!

( nb to self H= 5p)

53/ 365

Getting things done during the hours in the library. (Even if it wasn't coursework)

Making Hannah laugh so much she looked in pain.

Getting a gift ring.



Hysterical laughter- scary look and yucky food!

52/ 365

wierd toast.

Take a risk... at church

Adam nearly crying eating his lunch at Nando's. Gemmas lips 'swelling' up!

51/ 365

getting 'facebooked' by tea and coffee boy. haha! people remember stuff?!

Telling Fiji that it was his problem, not ours. yeah.

Writing a letter to Tom, the L.

Back to Hans.

50/ 365

Sarahs reaction of..."i'll go get you a towel..." Was I wet??

New pyjamas.

Afternoon lunch / dinner with Sarah.

Teas and Coffees; staying out all night and getting back at 3.30am. Served loads of people and had some good convos. 'Scotsboy'. Surviving the cold (just).

49/ 365

Not having to be preoccupied with not knowing what to cook for CEx.

Finally finishing the horrid questions in RM's...woopdeedoo. :)

CU going well after fretting.

48/ 365

Thinking about all the possibilites of Mission Week

Being really rather prompt in organisation! woo... (until the stupid thing didn't work!)

Meeting about Carol Service... getting excited... "I love singing hymns no, i mean carols, no, i mean i like hymns too..."

Hahahaaa... Cell group... Gaomi Nemma = siamese. Ahahhhh.

47/ 365

Wow! The illustration in Cognitive lecture that was a window thing.
Then the lecture finishing early...yay!

Threatening Sarah with worms.

46/ 365

Looking forward to going swimming...(but then not being able to! cuh!)
so.... a little trip to a place we like!

Evening with girls at Millmead.

Monday, November 13, 2006

45/ 365

Seeing old friends at church at home.

Walking along the beach with my sister.

My mother trying to describe the worship group for adults with learning difficulties that she helps lead! haha, I think my parents really do need help...

44/ 365

Breakfast for 7 people!

Hahaaaa! Cycling into town along the promenade on Joels road bike.....faaaar too big for me.
(only because he had taken the garage and shed keys to brighton for the day!)

Watching Die Hard 1 for the first time in absolutely ages. Loving how young eveeryone looked in it. Being VERY squashed with 4 of us trying to fit onto a 2 seater sofa when it was totally unnecessary!

43/ 365

Properly meeting Joels' Rachel

Seeing family again

Playing proper golf and not caring in the slightest that I was appauling! (blamed it on the fact that I had not played in a couple of years!) Then being a bit more embarassed that my little sister was better than me!


Midget gems in all over Zoe's bed

42/ 365

Finally finishing the analysis of Research! Fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally

CEx going well despite the odds of things going badly beforehand

CU going really well! :)

41/ 365

Useful and interesting lectures! yay

Cell group.... lots of laughs, lots of freshers, good times
....Scattergories...." are we not doing the letter 'B' ?!" .... " No, it's "G" ! Argh
oh, and Gemma .... there aren't any countries beginning with G are there? Hmmmm...

40/ 365

Everyone being at committee meeting by 7.45am

Afternoon with Hannah

House meal...holy tortillas

Cycling over to the hospital TWICE. Mental. Half chuckling to myself whilst doing it for the second time though...

Monday, November 06, 2006

39/ 365

Not wearing my jumper in bed because I was warm :)

Very bizarre Social lecture, 'strange Fife- Schaw'

Eventually deciding to go to the Co-op with Sarah dressed in our nightwear...

Getting very odd looks! Sarah wanting to buy one single carrot- thats all! 7p. Photos. A moment of madness overcame us both...

38/ 365

Zoe shouting in her sleep! Haha!

Donkey and Woody on the stairwell!

Tea with Grandparents

Worthing sunset

Kate, Tom and Sarah having painted the hallway! Looking good!
(putting my foot in it big time but not realising it!!!)

37/ 365

Sleeping in my lit- bateau

Cycling along the sea front with actually no wind!

Playing blitz! It being funny even though my mum is a cheat!

His grin! (Strange man!)

Sitting in an arm chair!

36/ 365

My father being at my house ready to take me home!

Lovely journey home through Surrey and Sussex as though it was a summers evening!

Seeing my family! Carl and Fabien- practising a little of my French! The fireballs on chains! The mayor in my house! ' oh hello! '

35/ 365

Not having to cook for CEx and just doing pizzas!

Free week in CU, getting clear on the whole encourage, equip, evangelise thing!

Straightening Sarahs' hair! Gem and I having fun with hair!!!
......almost siamese!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

34/ 365

Having a freezing cold frappucino in starbucks with Gemma even though we were commenting on how very cold we were at the time!

Good ideas for Mission Week.

Gemma: " "Do not fear Naomi, for Gemma is in Roots!" Said the Angel of the Lord! " Hmm, after a conversation about praying for the gift of teleportation!

Delirious? gig in Reading!
Got there in the end! (Well done Dave!) Seemed to get stopped at every traffic light even though we did pray that Gemma would be invisible, therefore not have her influence over them!!!
Kate's 'sexy' face! Might make you run a mile!!! :P

Getting back with no traffic on the roads! AND getting through a few sets of traffic lights on green!
Eating skittles in the hope that they would quench our thirst!

33/ 365

Doing a presentation with Sarah, realising how privileged a place the CU has on campus.... unique opportunity!

Seeing Hannah. Good laughs and remembering very bizarre situations! haha.........!


Actually a rather good Social Psychology lecture with good ol' Paulo! Surprising!
Nevertheless being pleased that I no longer have lectures with Paulo this term!

The funny film of houseparty that Phil made in committee meeting! Verrrry strange people are in the CU!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

31/ 365

A much needed extra hour in bed!

A mysterious love bite......! Really too tired to get words out that meant what they were meant to mean!

The tannoy in the library.... lady who possibly couldn't speak english!
Laughing uncontrollably in the library ( lots of other people.... very silent! ) with Kate and Gemma! 1st time like that in a long while!
Kate...... really no need to put your washing in the tumble dryer for 79 minutes!!! £1 is not necessary!

Good church, Mike Pusey singing yet again (but not knocking the water over!)

Doug the Dinosaur

Being proud of my spectacular blood giving / falling on tins bruises!

30/ 365

Bens' evangelism talks
Already getting excited about our Carol Service!

Walking / getting lost around Verginia Water lake...
Sam frolicking
Calling out to strangers
Naomi Cheif Mocha Chocca Late Beth Tostevin
Adam, Sam and Phil hiding from the Aston when it stopped after they had stood and clapped as it passed!!!
Phil recording on his camera...... one love water!

Getting to properly know the freshers!

Praying and prayed for
Amazed at how people notice things and how God speaks through people all the time.

Getting home after all! Ed not knowing left from right and me being am i expected to be able to read with no light and no glasses?!!

well done Kate, good one!

29/ 365

Sandwich madness with Nadia!

Getting to houseparty....
Getting there after confirming with Ed what is left and what is right! ("right Ed right!")
Nadias and mine dance..... (now bruised from landing on tins!)
Sam and little Sam & Rach teaching little Sam to read!
Brill freshers
" Isn't this called Sardines?! "

Living in response to Jesus...

28/ 365

Into town with Gem and the silly lady in H M Samuel! Well....... it does of course take 2 hours to replace a battery!

SURVIVING the horror that was the lady fiddling with a needle in my arm for 10minutes! " I'm sorry! "

Good CU, realising how God is working in it... even through a very silly ice breaker! ( Well, possibly not as silly as last weeks bananas and lemonade!)

27/ 365

Cycling home with Gemma and just beating Kate and her parents in their car back to our house

26/ 365

All of the committee making (eventually!) a 7.30 am committee meeting.

Doing my washing before I ran out of clean clothes!

Again shopping in Tesco for Sams strange housemate with Gemma!!!

25/ 365

eventually handing in the horrid lab report! yay!

relaxing for a few precious moments!

Monday, October 23, 2006

24/ 365

Cycling to church: getting there dry before the torrents arrive!

Loooooovely lunch with lovely people in a gorgeous house! Enjoy just being with those so much older and wiser than myself. The husband getting excited, really excited about a prophesy!

Ian talking brilliantly and passionately about ... Timothy; how we need to be spiritually fit and healthy. .....& Elisha; we need the resurrection to shape our lives.

Sitting and talking with gemma and the partridges' over.....lots and lots of laughs!

Eventually getting mine and gemmas bikes back: 'Andy you're a star'!

23/ 365

Getting some work done so being able to go into town.
Getting a 'soft shell' in time not to completely freeze.

Doing work and sitting there trying not to cry with laughter as I hear Sarah in the room next door giggling away to herself watching a film!

Watching film in evening and not having to go out.

22/ 365

Finishing statistics early and so getting home early!

Teas and coffees; good conversations and consistently good number of us there; not just 'shatner' and I like the end of last year!

Friday, October 20, 2006

21/ 365

Lunch again with Cat and Gem. Them keeping me ish sane!

The blessing of Gemma! All she has done to keep me rolling this week.....what a gem! ;)

CU; going strong.

20/ 365

Lunch with Ruth, Cat, Gemma and 2 other nurses:
"yeah, you smell Cat, but you are beautiful so i can sit facing you! Ruth smells beautiful, but to look at...... well! ARGH, it was a joke!!"
"keep on digging Naomi!"
Making Gemma try the dried apricots in her curry! Feeding them to Cat!

Talking to my father - gettting an unexpected phone call!

Cell group in the chaplincy.

Yet another prayer list! Trying to think of new things to go on it and waiting for Gemma for 10 mins.....then her freestyling! woo!

19/ 365

Actually being at home in the light of day for a couple of hours!

Finally getting to the Matrix lunch representing the CU, and being encouraged by how, in Guildford, we are in an amazing position for mission.

Going around Tesco with Gemma both wearing part pj's. Us going around getting Sam's flat mates shopping!

Good ol' fashioned fellowship!

18/ 365

spending lots of time in the chaplincy 24/7 prayer room

Monday, October 16, 2006

17/ 365

Staying awake in church!

Lunch with people in wetherspoons

Praying together for Christianity Explored starting on Thursday

Strong feeling of unity, and encouragement about CU.

16/ 365

Paintballing with Millmeaders!

Getting to know Nadia.

Going trigger happy at the end at anyone and everything! wooo!

Mukaka! The fun of finding out that it is not ice cream, but cultured milk!
Laughing lots with Kate and Tom, when discovering the history of milk!

A good 4 hours sleep!

15/ 365

Going swimming. And deciding not to follow that with ice skating- wise move indeed!

Christianity Explored banner going up.

Teas and coffees- good conversations.

Praying from 2 til 8am with Gemma and neither of us feeing at all tired during that time!

14/ 365

lunch with friends

coffee with hannah! man who had no idea what he was doing!

launch of 24/7 prayer week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Shopping in Homebase! The excitement that we got is immense, esp. as we are 19! woo!

BLAF (Big lungs and Miss Hare!)
SLAF (Small lungs and Miss Wood!)

Galursula and Manuriel, the fantastic names devised at cell group Gemma and Cat!
Lauren was SLFL (pronounced sloufel!) meaning sqeaky lauren laughs funnily!
I was far too normal, though Gemma and Cat did think it would be hillarious to sing the 'BN BN' song! Hahaaaaaa, good ol' times!
Oh yesh, getting encouragement from Colossians, looking forward to learning more!
Gemma and I laughing rather hard!

12/ 365

Spending time with my sister, doing not too much and laughing about who knows what!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

11/ 365

House Meal; Doing a balancing act to get us all round the table!
Sarah trying to pretend she can cope with the hot food!

Talking to my father and getting very confused, him also being on a conference call at the time! Rather a funny conversation!

Monday, October 09, 2006

10/ 365

Woah, getting to church early after a mad rush!

BIG black round glasses; tiny boy possibly thinking he looked normal!

Gemma and I making amazing prawn crackers! hahaaa!

Seeing Rachel and Dave's wedding photos! :)

9/ 365

Going out for a nice lunch.

My mum, dad and brother coming up bearing gifts of a desk, coat and lighting!
Lovely to see them, even though they are all mad! (Joel less so!)

Having a girly night with Gemma and Sarah- Sarah imparting her knowledge of ice skating to us!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

8/ 365

Gemma having my phone all along! It's what comes with the wonders of having the same brilliant bag!

An afternoon with Gemma! Then watching the second installment of a film with Kate, Sophie and Gemma!

Sally and Sharons baptisms....they speak for themselves...baptisms are very exciting!

I.C. good times!

Teas and Coffees-
very very bizarre conversations before hand! craaaaaaazy!
loads of encouraging conversations with the people outside the union.

Looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

7/ 365

Getting up at 8.40 feeling like i'd had a good lie in was great!

Eventually finishing our statitical analysis on our research!

Loosing my phone but therefore forcing me to buy a new fully functional one.

Now watching lazy film with friends!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

6/ 365

Getting work done nice and quickly today! woo!

Receiving an actual hand- written letter from a good friend who is a long way away, made me feel loved!

Lots of people turning up to the CU social- ice skating at the spectrum!

5/ 365

Laughing lots as we do the stroop (psychological speed of processing) test!

Laughing even more as Kate dances around her room with her music up v. loud!

Making pancakes and Gemma and I hiding midget gems in the mixture!

Getting really excited about my placement year.... could be in Africa or Godalming!........quite different! (but the bonus of Godalming is that God is all mingling there eh gemma?!!!)

And my little sister telling me she misses me! She is very lovely sometimes!

All in all, a nice day! Remembered how God blesses us in all the little things!

Monday, October 02, 2006

4/ 365

Not going into uni until 11 and having a productive committee meeting!

A really interesting lecture on person perception and then an afternoon with my friend gemma!
Then spent time all huddled in my room doing a spiritual gifts assesment online with housemates! Onwards to a committee meeting, then bins, raaaa....loads of 'em!

All in all, a dryer day than yesterday!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

3/ 365

Even though I got v. wet, I learnt lots from Gods' word! woo! drenched by rain on way to Church..... Ian on 1 Tim 2 v 8 - 15, "good one!"

Church pm, about barriers to the Gospel: 1 thess 2 v 9 - 20, another good'un...

another 'woaaah' as realise one has a huge long list of stuff to do! Fun fun, endless fun!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

2/ 365

:) Spending a whole day with my friends!

After a few hours sleep, off to Reading.... the most strange assortement of roads and a track to get to our destination!

Ludo- the most unexciting game of all time! Oh, and gift pens!

Reading town.... then to Wetherspoons, then laughing when the KNG gate crash CU prayer! whoops!

Back to Toms, the house where Andy won ALL ( 2) games!

Surrey managed to score 21, Reading -1... Everyone knew we were always better!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

1/ 365

I reflected on CU from yesterday and realised what i'd learnt....The significance of things i'd not really thought of as significant.....God is good!

Gemma and I succesfully wash our clothes! No more dirt!!! Then do our Bible study for a whopping 1 hour and 10 mins....

Trip into town and to the ever exciting Tesco!

Teas and Coffee to look forward to later after having le dinner! woo!