Friday, November 24, 2006

56/ 365

Having a helping hand to finish cooking the meal for CEx.

Finding out that I do know someone who has actually helped an old lady across the road.

Nadia's pringle ring engagement.

S,S&S singing very loudly 1) In Roots when it was meant to be closing
2) down the phone to Tom, about Tom!
3) ...about a cottage pie
4) all over campus so as to wake everyone up

55/ 365

Sarah's birthday!

Sarah talking to her parents for aggggggges, then neing very happy.

Getting excited about the thought of mashing carrot in with potato.

Birthday meal and cake!

Playing carols for the concert, argh, which week!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

54/ 365

Sarah getting excited about her birthday. tomorrow....

New bed linen.

Chair dancing.

Making Sarahs birthday cake! It begining by looking good, then looking like a world map, then turning out ever so stunningly!

( nb to self H= 5p)

53/ 365

Getting things done during the hours in the library. (Even if it wasn't coursework)

Making Hannah laugh so much she looked in pain.

Getting a gift ring.



Hysterical laughter- scary look and yucky food!

52/ 365

wierd toast.

Take a risk... at church

Adam nearly crying eating his lunch at Nando's. Gemmas lips 'swelling' up!

51/ 365

getting 'facebooked' by tea and coffee boy. haha! people remember stuff?!

Telling Fiji that it was his problem, not ours. yeah.

Writing a letter to Tom, the L.

Back to Hans.

50/ 365

Sarahs reaction of..."i'll go get you a towel..." Was I wet??

New pyjamas.

Afternoon lunch / dinner with Sarah.

Teas and Coffees; staying out all night and getting back at 3.30am. Served loads of people and had some good convos. 'Scotsboy'. Surviving the cold (just).

49/ 365

Not having to be preoccupied with not knowing what to cook for CEx.

Finally finishing the horrid questions in RM's...woopdeedoo. :)

CU going well after fretting.

48/ 365

Thinking about all the possibilites of Mission Week

Being really rather prompt in organisation! woo... (until the stupid thing didn't work!)

Meeting about Carol Service... getting excited... "I love singing hymns no, i mean carols, no, i mean i like hymns too..."

Hahahaaa... Cell group... Gaomi Nemma = siamese. Ahahhhh.

47/ 365

Wow! The illustration in Cognitive lecture that was a window thing.
Then the lecture finishing early...yay!

Threatening Sarah with worms.

46/ 365

Looking forward to going swimming...(but then not being able to! cuh!)
so.... a little trip to a place we like!

Evening with girls at Millmead.