Saturday, October 07, 2006

8/ 365

Gemma having my phone all along! It's what comes with the wonders of having the same brilliant bag!

An afternoon with Gemma! Then watching the second installment of a film with Kate, Sophie and Gemma!

Sally and Sharons baptisms....they speak for themselves...baptisms are very exciting!

I.C. good times!

Teas and Coffees-
very very bizarre conversations before hand! craaaaaaazy!
loads of encouraging conversations with the people outside the union.

Looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

7/ 365

Getting up at 8.40 feeling like i'd had a good lie in was great!

Eventually finishing our statitical analysis on our research!

Loosing my phone but therefore forcing me to buy a new fully functional one.

Now watching lazy film with friends!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

6/ 365

Getting work done nice and quickly today! woo!

Receiving an actual hand- written letter from a good friend who is a long way away, made me feel loved!

Lots of people turning up to the CU social- ice skating at the spectrum!

5/ 365

Laughing lots as we do the stroop (psychological speed of processing) test!

Laughing even more as Kate dances around her room with her music up v. loud!

Making pancakes and Gemma and I hiding midget gems in the mixture!

Getting really excited about my placement year.... could be in Africa or Godalming!........quite different! (but the bonus of Godalming is that God is all mingling there eh gemma?!!!)

And my little sister telling me she misses me! She is very lovely sometimes!

All in all, a nice day! Remembered how God blesses us in all the little things!

Monday, October 02, 2006

4/ 365

Not going into uni until 11 and having a productive committee meeting!

A really interesting lecture on person perception and then an afternoon with my friend gemma!
Then spent time all huddled in my room doing a spiritual gifts assesment online with housemates! Onwards to a committee meeting, then bins, raaaa....loads of 'em!

All in all, a dryer day than yesterday!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

3/ 365

Even though I got v. wet, I learnt lots from Gods' word! woo! drenched by rain on way to Church..... Ian on 1 Tim 2 v 8 - 15, "good one!"

Church pm, about barriers to the Gospel: 1 thess 2 v 9 - 20, another good'un...

another 'woaaah' as realise one has a huge long list of stuff to do! Fun fun, endless fun!