Friday, October 20, 2006

21/ 365

Lunch again with Cat and Gem. Them keeping me ish sane!

The blessing of Gemma! All she has done to keep me rolling this week.....what a gem! ;)

CU; going strong.

20/ 365

Lunch with Ruth, Cat, Gemma and 2 other nurses:
"yeah, you smell Cat, but you are beautiful so i can sit facing you! Ruth smells beautiful, but to look at...... well! ARGH, it was a joke!!"
"keep on digging Naomi!"
Making Gemma try the dried apricots in her curry! Feeding them to Cat!

Talking to my father - gettting an unexpected phone call!

Cell group in the chaplincy.

Yet another prayer list! Trying to think of new things to go on it and waiting for Gemma for 10 mins.....then her freestyling! woo!

19/ 365

Actually being at home in the light of day for a couple of hours!

Finally getting to the Matrix lunch representing the CU, and being encouraged by how, in Guildford, we are in an amazing position for mission.

Going around Tesco with Gemma both wearing part pj's. Us going around getting Sam's flat mates shopping!

Good ol' fashioned fellowship!

18/ 365

spending lots of time in the chaplincy 24/7 prayer room

Monday, October 16, 2006

17/ 365

Staying awake in church!

Lunch with people in wetherspoons

Praying together for Christianity Explored starting on Thursday

Strong feeling of unity, and encouragement about CU.

16/ 365

Paintballing with Millmeaders!

Getting to know Nadia.

Going trigger happy at the end at anyone and everything! wooo!

Mukaka! The fun of finding out that it is not ice cream, but cultured milk!
Laughing lots with Kate and Tom, when discovering the history of milk!

A good 4 hours sleep!

15/ 365

Going swimming. And deciding not to follow that with ice skating- wise move indeed!

Christianity Explored banner going up.

Teas and coffees- good conversations.

Praying from 2 til 8am with Gemma and neither of us feeing at all tired during that time!

14/ 365

lunch with friends

coffee with hannah! man who had no idea what he was doing!

launch of 24/7 prayer week.