Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Shopping in Homebase! The excitement that we got is immense, esp. as we are 19! woo!

BLAF (Big lungs and Miss Hare!)
SLAF (Small lungs and Miss Wood!)

Galursula and Manuriel, the fantastic names devised at cell group Gemma and Cat!
Lauren was SLFL (pronounced sloufel!) meaning sqeaky lauren laughs funnily!
I was far too normal, though Gemma and Cat did think it would be hillarious to sing the 'BN BN' song! Hahaaaaaa, good ol' times!
Oh yesh, getting encouragement from Colossians, looking forward to learning more!
Gemma and I laughing rather hard!

12/ 365

Spending time with my sister, doing not too much and laughing about who knows what!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

11/ 365

House Meal; Doing a balancing act to get us all round the table!
Sarah trying to pretend she can cope with the hot food!

Talking to my father and getting very confused, him also being on a conference call at the time! Rather a funny conversation!

Monday, October 09, 2006

10/ 365

Woah, getting to church early after a mad rush!

BIG black round glasses; tiny boy possibly thinking he looked normal!

Gemma and I making amazing prawn crackers! hahaaa!

Seeing Rachel and Dave's wedding photos! :)

9/ 365

Going out for a nice lunch.

My mum, dad and brother coming up bearing gifts of a desk, coat and lighting!
Lovely to see them, even though they are all mad! (Joel less so!)

Having a girly night with Gemma and Sarah- Sarah imparting her knowledge of ice skating to us!